Need Workplace? Check SHED LONDON!


By Miseon Im



If you JUST started your business or you are a freelancers, you might struggle with workplace or meeting room with co-workers. Here is a proper and fancy place in Haggerston, London. ‘Shed London’ provide desk spaces and 2 of photography studios.


At the entrance, cozy café is located with a barista so that you can have a nice cup of coffee at first. Also variety of beers and wine can be chose from the other side of wall. After then, take a step for downstairs, you would find big and tidy area with two long table and chairs.

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This place can be floral arrangement class or a photography gallery or a place for office party.


Workspaces have a good quality of wifi with a dedicated line. If you want to rent a workspace, you can get discount of first month’s rental and free coffee from café. Along the wall, photography of ‘WHITELIGHT’ is shown and there are booklets of photography for sale on the table. It seems like free magazines on every other café but it was Photography booklet. According to Shed London, another showcase will be held every month.


For photo studio A, it has 2,000 SQFT shooting space and it is 25ft in length white photography coved studio. Photo Studio B has 800 sqft shooting space. Both studios provides a full stock of photographic and film lighting plus digital hardware.


If someone who are planning to be a freelancer or working at home or don’t want to pay too much on office, Shend London can be answer.




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