3 Important Tips For Facebook Marketing

By Miseon Im


According to Statista that provides online statics and market research about companies, MAU (Monthly Active Users) of Facebook reached 1.74 billion last year. The thing is teens and twenties have 51% of MAU who can be potential activScreen Shot 2017-03-24 at 02.49.20e consumers so that Facebook has become much more important to people starting
up in business. In addition, Facebook helps business people can set up their business target very delicately so that they can maximize advertising effectiveness. If there
actual customers who need your business service, you can easily access to your potential customers who also users of Facebook. The main purpose of Facebook is ‘right people, right content, right time’. Crucial point is that you should approach to people with story, not a blatant attempt.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 03.20.51

(I tried to make a business page. You can find set target of your page in setting.)


  1. WHAT should be on the content marketing?

Think about anything you have recently seen on the Facebook. What was the most frequent content?

  • Information content
  • Touched story
  • Funny/interesting image/video

Listicles on Buzzfeed are one of good example of information content and touched story include several images with story and images because if there long text on the post it will not be seen on the post at first glance. Funny and interesting image/video is the most popular contents on the Facebook. Daily video playback time of Facebook goes beyond 100 million. Hence, if you want to attract people as much as you want, interesting image or video can be the most effective one.


  1. Think of Possible Contents Formats that you can upload on Facebook.
  • Text
  • Link
  • Image
  • Video

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 03.40.12

Facebook algorithm prefers in order of video – image – link – text. If you find to create video clip is difficult, try Facebook’s ‘slide show’. ‘Slide show’ is an easy way to create and share slideshows of bunches of pictures. Facebook will gather your pictures and create a preview of it. However, slideshow will show each picture for few seconds and that it so it can’t fully bring out advantage of video.



  1. What is the best post cycle?

“About half of your engagement is in the first 60 minutes,” Optimal’s CEO Rob Leathern told me. “And about three quarters is within the first 180 minutes. That pattern is quite consistent.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 04.03.53

As soon as you posted on Facebook, your posting exposures rapidly to users who ‘likes’ your page in first 3 hours. Alsp, nearly half of engagement takes place within the first hour. Hence, if you want to communicate and interact with Facebook users, post every 3 hours.


Here’s sum-up!

  1. Post the most interesting and relevant content to your target audience.
  2. Best format of content is Video clip.
  3. Best post cycle is 3-hour.

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