Is CCTV necessary or not?


By Miseon Im


There was burglary in a café ‘Sapid Coffee’ on 20th of March, 2017. A member of staff found the door is broken when she arrived to open the café at 6am in the morning. The glass on the door was smashed and money about £200 on the till was stolen. Andrew, café manager, said “Expense to fix broken door costs more than the money on the till. It wasn’t that much because burglary came before open.” Andrew suspects someone who knows that there’s no CCTV and security alarm at the café. This accident makes him to install CCTV on the café. Nelly, a barista of Sapid coffee, said “I can’t believe this accident could happen even though our café located just beside main road.”


If you planning to open offline shop, security would be one of priority concern. Apart from the costs of CCTV installation, people are in doubt and question whether CCTV could be an effective solution of crime. The answer is – It is, at least for pre-planned crime. When criminal plan for crime, existence of CCTV is the biggest factor to be concerned. Also, there is a research of it helps police identify and catch criminals or shoplifting, vandalism and even malpractice by employees.


Before installing CCTV, you have to think about several things.

First, Privacy.

According to ICO(Information Commissioner’s Office), Operators must operate within the law, for instance by making sure that their use and the siting of cameras is well justified, that the information they are collecting is not excessive, that it is only kept until it is no longer required and that it is kept secure. Think about where your shop located and be careful with if camera points your neighbour’s property or not. Any other questions do you have, you can ask ICO. Here’s link below.


Second, other security systems.

Instead of installing security camera, there are other options which are much cheaper. Extra lighting, locks, security alarms or fake CCTV can also be helpful to protect your business. For fake alarm, or fake CCTV, it can actually works only when burglar believe it’s real. However, Direct Line does not recommend fake alarm and dummy cameras because most burglars can recognize a fake one. Direct Line emphasize when you use security alarm, please choose good quality and approved one and make sure the alarm is activated, especially at night time. In addition, if you install extra lightings, expose them as much as you can. It will serves as a deterrent to crime. As the saying goes, prevention is the best cure!






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