Brick Lane Market Review

By Miseon Im

The Brick Lane market is east end’s hotspot, no doubt. Unique and peculiar vibe of this area consists of Bangladeshis and Jewish culture since they has settled in this area at 17th century. Because lots of vintage(second-hand clothes) shops and unique goods shops are gathered in this area so that young hipsters love to visit Brick Lane market. Flea-market affair on every Sunday, you can easily find India, Bangladesh foods and variety of clothes and goods.

If you plan to open shops and struggle with interior, you should definitely visit Brick Lane market and check vintage furniture and unique props. There are variety ranges of stalls such as furniture, bric-a-brac, magazines, toiletries, books, sweets, electrical equipment, CDs, DVDs!


Beyond dozens of vintage stalls, food market comes out with handy and readymade hot food from all around the world. Street food from Pakistani, Spanish, India, Taiwan, Japanese, Chinese, Korean can be found in food market. According to my observation, Chinese and Taiwan food are most popular food because the most people buying and feel interesting with them. As personally as a Korean, Korean food stall is nice in a detached way. Korean style spicy pork is good and the owner of stall is Korean – this is important because sometime Chinese chef cooks Korean food and it’s not a REAL Korean food. Also, hot dogs and cup cakes are the next most popular street food. Well, those are well-liked street food in the world, no doubt. Up to £10, you can try one or two of readymade street foods. If you don’t have any allergy, peanut butter cupcake is AWESOME. You should definitely check it. Home-baked sweets such as brownies and cupcakes are priced from £1.5 to £3.


After looking around brick lane, impressive and fancy graffiti might arrest people’s attention. Huge and detailed graffiti are all around this area and they are one of the famous tourist attraction. Combination of traced posters and half-erased graffiti create a strange charm.

Photos by Miseon Im


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