Greenwich Market Reveiw

By Jaspreet Kulair

If you think going to one London market means that you have been to them all – you’re wrong. When stepping out the DLR station into Greenwich, you will forget you are in London. This quaint area bordering the thames holds a bustling market containing over 120 stalls. Like many markets Greenwich contains the staple overpriced jewellery stalls, who’s products are likely to turn your finger green with in ten minutes of purchase. Yet it is also rife with unique antiques and nothing can equate to the atmosphere created by aromas from the overflow of food stalls based around the market.

One thing I didn’t expect was to experience such diverse culture with in the space of 20 feet. Greenwich holds a myriad of cuisines, many I admit had no inkling existed. A personal favourite was the ‘Brazilian Churros’, I feel as though the type of food sold here is self explanatory. Not only was the service friendly and up beat, I was offered free taters each time I walked by with out fail. The product its self is far better than any other churro I had ever encountered, the middle oozed with chocolate while the shell remained crispy and coated in a sugary topping. Although the best part was the price at a mere £2.50 per churro. This is defiantly a stall to visit if you have a sweet tooth.

Like many other markets vendors attempted to compel me with their products. Admittedly I did feel as though I was walking round in circles due to the amount each stall resembled the last. However one particular stall caught my attention cleverly named ‘The Jewellery Box’. The entire counter covered in both vintage and modern jewellery. Once again the vendor hospitable as ever informed that most of the jewellery dated as far back as the 1950’s. Being a student on a budget I purchased a simple small ring to test the quality of the products, although if one is inclined to spend a bit more cash the prices vary from £15- £50 with products ranging from earring to broaches.

With my craving for sweet food not fulfilled I decided to sample ‘Plant Pancakes’ product, and if there was ever more of a need to use the word ‘Food Porn’ this would be it. Apparently using a unique dutch recipe the mini pancakes are made on site and filled with almost any topping imaginable, many of them homemade. Each served in mini baskets filled with mini circular pancakes and toppings at 8 for £5, certainly worth giving a try.

If markets don’t appeal to you I would defiantly recommend Greenwich market. Not only is it filled with stalls worth visiting, the atmosphere is unlike any other market I had visited, admittedly it was busy, yet I did not feel confined at all, but more spoilt for choice and unsure of which direction to turn, the overall vibe left me feeling calm and content and defiantly in need of another visit to experience what else it has to offer.


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