8 Tips To Help Your Enterprise From Small Business Owners

By Jaspreet Kulair

If your thinking of becoming an entrepreneur in the creative sector and need some guidance, here are a few tips from business owners who have been through the daunting teething stages of their very own businesses.

1) Don’t get discouraged -When its your very own work or product for sale, its easy to lose hope when no-one is interested in something you your self are extremely proud of. “As an owner of a business try to set aside personal feelings and focus on promoting yourself” says Beatrice who frequently sells her art in art trails.

2) What makes your business different from the rest- If you want your enterprise to stand out and catch attention in todays market, find what makes your business unique- something that gives your business an edge. In any creative sector there are dozens of replicas of the same idea, targeting your business towards a niche market will provide you with a specific and loyal customer base, as well as filling a gap in the market.

3) The conventional route isn’t always the best way- It’s likely if your starting a business you have little to no budget, or are trying to minimise expenses in order to prevent from applying for further loans. It is always a smart idea to research alternative ways to get your business up and running, for instance if you are a budding artists perhaps an art trail is the way forward rather than an art gallery, or instead of pursuing well known retailers to stock your product try market stalls or DIY spaces.

4) Educate yourself – If you find your self floundering and unsure as to what your doing in the early stages, chances are you haven’t got a well thought out business plan or trajectory. Try considering other options, perhaps higher education or even a few seminars to gain intel you didn’t have before. The more information you are armed with the better.

5) Build a community around your business- Many creative businesses start off in market places or even online. Its imperative to make connections to further yourself in the sector you have chosen. Networking is crucial, it will help you gain a better understanding of your sector as well as how to get ahead. Small businesses rely on personality and charm, not only should you build a relationship with other business owners but also with your consumers, making customers feel welcome and an important part of your business.

6) Create an online presence- Spreading the word about your new venture is essential, especially with in the first few days of its birth.The way to do this is with an online presence. In todays contemporary society making your business visible could not be easier, with social media tools such as Instagram and Facebook, you can create buzz about your business with the click of a share button. After your enterprise has gained followers, its a simple and efficient way to keep consumers interested and updated on your latest endeavours.

7) Know your market- If your still in the early stages of your business, it is imperative to know your target audience. Although it may seem more lucrative to broaden your target audience, it is likely you will inevitably alienate your original target consumer. Narrowing down your target audience will make marketing your business a lot more affective.


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