Event Alert: Silicon Drinkabout-Old Street

By Benjamin-Harry Gladwin

Silicon Drinkabout is a global mixer event started by online tech community ‘Three Beards’. The London event happens on Friday’s at The Shoreditch Grind on Old Street, in the heart of the blossoming East London tech start up industry.

In typical Shoreditch Style, The Grind boasts an industrial come American diner feel. An aesthetic which suits itself to quiet and friendly meet and greats with other techies.

The event, which take place every Friday between 6pm-10pm, aim to provide networking opportunities for those just starting out as well as established industry people.

Contrary to the stereotype there are more than a handful of women getting involved with the event; in fact, the whole group of people are as diverse as London is.  One patron says, “I met my London friends here,” stating that “it’s great to be around people who have similar interests to you but no professional ties- it feels more relaxed than your standard work drinks.”

While a seemingly great social space, business is also a factor. You can meet people and spring board ideas from one and other, maybe starting your own start-up with creative, passionate, individuals such as yourself. ‘Three Beards’ hopes that you do, pitch practice events to help you prepare when looking for investors; the next one is planned for October (venue not yet confirmed).

Three Beard’s’ website and social media has tips, events, and job listings catered to those working in tech globally.

Photo by The Shoreditch Grind


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