Art Trails – An Outlet For Amateur Artists

By Jaspreet Kulair

Starting a business is daunting enough even if you are fully qualified and have thought of every possible outcome. Being an entrepreneur comes with a multitude of unanswered questions- Will I be successful? Is my business venture financially viable? This and many other options have to be considered when starting a business, especially one in the creative sector. When the businesses success is based ones own skill and merit the entire process becomes more personal.
Envision going through this as well as being a student at university. 20 year old fine art student, Beatrice Hardstaff does just this, she sells her own art pieces as well as continuing her education at the university of Goldsmiths in London. “I deferred university for two year to focus on selling art at an gallery my mum worked for, at this point I didn’t realise I wanted to be selling my own work” says Beatrice. After two years of promoting other peoples art work Beatrice decided to focus on her own work, she began creating her own art pieces again, something she hadn’t done since leaving school. “As I began creating my own work again I realised I wanted it to be the best it could be, and a few of my friends had raved about the arts course at Goldsmiths University”.
Before heading to University Beatrice wanted to test the capability of her art in a safe and familiar environment.“ Its nerve racking putting your art out on display, its not the same as starting an average business its much more personal”. Originally hailing from Derby, Beatrice decided to hold an arts trail in her home, keeping the area local and the community familiar. Most art galleries create a gruelling process to allow your work to be displayed as well as taking a 50% commission off any art pieces sold. An arts trail allows the artists to open there home to the public and display their art for a small marketing fee of twenty five pounds, as well as a mere ten percent of any profit made.“I love that there is a platform for amateur artists like my self to display their work, especially when its based around a community I can trust – it made feel a lot less anxious about showing my art to other people”. This technique of selling art is a perfect platform for creative beings who feel a strong attachment to their craft, it lets the artists know their buyer personally as well as know what appeals to the public.
“Growing up with both of my parents being artists I always felt a sense of community with in the art world, after moving to university I still went home to hold art trails, doing the same things in London seems like a huge step to take”. After being accepted to the university of Goldsmiths, Beatrice continues to create work for art trails,”I don’t have as much time to sell my art as I used to but I try still try to put my work out there through social media”. Using tools such as Instagram, creative businesses are able to keep their public informed and interested, as well as a platform to display work with minimal work. “I would defiantly recommend further educating yourself in anyway possible in the field you plan to work in, since coming to university my art as grown and I have found inspiration in artists such as Falke Pisano, Tauba Auerbach and Liam Gillick” says Beatrice. This helped her define her art style as printed matter and installations, giving her future business a clear brief and direction.


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