ETSY: Start Your Business Online First with People All Over The World!

By Miseon Im

At the very first of starting your own business, you might struggle with economical problems such as office rental fee, interior cost and so on. Here’s a good solution; Etsy. Etsy is online platform which offers marketplace of selling and buying directly between worldwide individuals. As we know, Ebay or Amazon already offers these kinds of functions but Etsy has its own advantages. Ebay or Amazon operates marketplace for individuals with their second-hand goods but Etsy concentrates on seller’s creative hand-made items. So people can look around loads of unique and creative items on the opposite side of the world in front of their laptop.

I have met Haeyoun and Amira who choose Etsy to start their own business.Haeyoun ad Amira has just started to sell their own items, for example, hand-made candles and self-designed plates since January of 2017.

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Please introduce about your Etsy shop, ‘At Four in the Morning’.

Hayoun says, “We created our brand ‘At Four in the Morning’ with the intention of making and designing anything cute that we can enjoy, and hopefully the buyers as well. We intended not to limit ourselves to one product, so the product we sell will vary according to what we are interested in making at the time. We are designer duo with a background of visual designs, and our style is slightly different. We try to make products that showcase both of our style while it works together as one brand.”

Haeyoun and Amira decided to start their business on Etsy because they want to test the waters first. They have other commitments, and they can’t fully dedicate their time to run their shop so they decided to go for the most effortless form to avoid high risk. They chose Etsy as a platform to sell our products because it already has a good audience, and also infrastructure is set up well for them to set the shop without much work.

Haeyoun and Amira met and become friend from their university. Both of them studied Design and work in the industry so they already had the skills to set up a shop, such as taking good photos, branding, making of the products etc. After graduating they both worked in a design industry but they found sometimes it is not as enjoyable or creative as they expected it to be. They wanted to just enjoy making things and have fun with it, so when we were on a break from work, they met up and started making stuff they liked. Amira recalls: “Some of our other friends saw the things that we were making and told us they would pay us to make some more. So from there we set up a shop at Etsy to see if it would sell to strangers as well.”

“We do have our Instagram account in order to market ourselves, but with other commitments, it is not so easy do them regularly. We have seen the shop view going up when we market on Instagram, so we just need to work on them.” Haeyoun and Amira are also using Instagram to advertise their shop and they point that Etsy do the most of the work for sellers so it’s so easy to become dismissive of the fact that seller need to market themselves.

There are 5 tips from Haeyoun and Amira to run the shop.

  1. BYOB (Build Your Own Brand).

Make your brand theme clear and niche. It will specialize your market.

  1. Use Social Media.

You don’t have to post everyday but choose one social media and use it regularly to show your progress or products. It would be helpful to build fan-base of your brand.

  1. Take your product photograrph‘drool-worthy’!

This is the most important ONE. You must give customers not only detailed photos of product but also attractive photos.

  1. Make customers pay easily.

Give customers as many options to pay as possible.

  1. Study successful shops.

This is a first step to make your own online shop. Do not copy them but learn from them.


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